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This website has been accessed many thousands of times from around the world including enquiries from:

Argentina, Austria, Barbados, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Brunei, Canada, Croatia, Denmark,  Dominican Republic, Egypt,
El Salvador, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Guatemala,  Hong Kong & Mainland China, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Israel,  Italy, Japan, Kenya, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Pakistan, Panama, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Sumatra,  Sweden, Switzerland, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, Venezuela, Yugoslavia, Zimbabwe and of course the UK, USA and Australia

(ALS) Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis or (MND) Motor Neurone Disease
are referred to as ALS/MND.
PALS is short for People (or a person) with ALS.

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Although this website has essentially been a "one man show" there are people and organisations without whose help I could not possibly have continued with either the website or my research. I would therefore like to acknowledged them here.

When I first published this website in late 1994 it was because there was not a single ALS/MND specific website on the Internet. The term ALS/MND did not exist. In the USA, ALS was the general medical term used for the illness. In the UK and British Commonwealth countries like Australia, the same illness was commonly known as MND. With the advent of generally accessible Internet connection it was necessary for me to coin an acronym that linked both illness names. Hence ALS/MND.

I wanted to share hard won information, publish some general research notes and the results of my clinical study into the possible effects of combined antioxidants, and later other supplements and techniques, on slowing the progress of ALS/MND. As my study progressed, the website, the scope of my general research and the volume of work generated by the website increased enormously.

This website represents only a fraction of the personal and general research work I do. The website alone prints out to several hundred pages that have to be maintained, updated and added to regularly.

Email, letters and telephone enquiries keep me busy seven days a week, 365 days a year (ALS/MND doesn't take vacations!). When my body allows, I work throughout the day and not infrequently into the night too.

Although I have no intention of profiting from my work it consumes much of my life and, because I am not affiliated with a hospital, institution, government department or corporation, I have so far been ineligible for a research or other supportive grant.

I narrowly missed out on an honorary PhD for my unique research into the effects of combined antioxidants and improving liver function on neurodegenerative illnesses and my theory that ALS/MND was a multifactoral illness.

The professors sponsoring me for an honorary doctorate resigned due to research funding cuts - one week before the scheduled meeting to propose my name for the honorary PhD. The value of this acknowledgement would have meant I could have published my research and articles in peer reviewed journals. My work is now quoted with impunity as being “generally understood (or) accepted that...” with no reference to its original authorship. Perhaps I would have qualified for a small grant?

Normally, no grant = no research but when I started nobody seemed to be doing the work I considered essential - so I continued regardless. Many of my original theories have now been directly or indirectly confirmed, years later, as correct by a number of independent (and funded) studies and research papers.

As the workload and this project grows so do my expenses. The time I devote to my ALS/MND work is time not spent earning an income from lucrative work. I have learned the hard way that I cannot continue like this indefinitely.

Unfortunately my wife also has a chronic, debilitating illness so I often have to care for my "carer". The stress of this and the constant financial burden has taken its toll. Without occasional financial assistance I could not have continued as I have for many years now.

I have received literally thousands of emails thanking and encouraging me for the work I am doing, for which I am most grateful. I know this website has received tens of thousands of "hits" since its inception and it has been quoted in books, magazines, newspapers, newsletters, radio, school and university assignments, numerous other websites and at least one doctoral thesis.

This site has been accessed from numerous countries around the world and has received a number of (non financial) international awards and commendations. Yet, without a functioning computer, appropriate software, occasional assistance to help cover basic expenses, shared information, feedback, constructive criticism and encouragement, this website and the project it represents would have ceased to exist long ago.

The following individuals and organizations have contributed time or money, ongoing encouragement, information, assistance or in some manner enabled me to maintain this website and continue my research.

I would like to acknowledge and thank them here.

In Alphabetical Order:

Ronnie Abdinoor, Athene Anderson, Apple Computers Aust.,
J & R Barcal, Stuart & Dara Butterworth, Simon Buxton,
Sara & Jorge Carbajal, Noomy & Yair Cohen, John Connell,
Jarrod & Carrie Cunnigham, Jonathan Davis, Kim & Tom DelRe,
Liza Dominguez, Tony Dunphy & Telaustralia: My Website hosts,
John & Margaret Eades, Eric & Glenna Edney, Richard Edwards,
Jim Eldridge, Roger Ellis, Gayle Eversol PhD, Frédérique Floret,
Matthew Gaug, Mitch Gart, Neva Gressmen, Robert Height, Alan Inglis, Donna Isenhour, Francis Key, Camille & Jenny Khoury, Mary Krier,
Michel Le Boulch, Graeme & Victoria Lee, Sandra Macaulay,
K & G McHarg, Geri Maric, Charles McCann, Carol Michael,
Ian Montgomery & PALS Ireland, Richard & Lisa Morgan, Jahna Muncrief, Ken Newton, Michael Niswander, Kathy Price, Alex Roberts,
Ron Schaffer, Taube Spanger, Kurt Steiner, Karin Pfeiffer Stolz,
Connie Szefczek, Marila Visani, The Wojtowicz Family, David Whealy, Richard Williamson, Rosemary Woodrow


Stephen Webster & Robyn McInnes
of Nature's Sunshine Products, Australia

Mack & Jo Baker
Sieg and Mardi Drews
Goulburn Lion's Club
Goulburn Mulwaree Rotary
Ron Jensen
The SALSA Foundation

For their assistance,input and encouragement thanks also to:
Stephen Allen N.D., Bob Broedel, Rolf Busch, Gary Covington,
Will Hubben, Ted Heine, Al Kok, Kate Roffey, Dr. Susanne Storrier

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