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Steven Shackel September 2014
About Steven Shackel

This Was the World's First Website 
Dedicated to ALS/MND
The acronym ALS/MND was coined by the author in 1995

A documentary film is being made and book published about 
long term survivors of ALS/MND, including me. 
This is one of the most significant things to happen in years. 
Extremely informative and inspiring for anybody with ALS/MND.
I wish this documentary and accompanying book were available when I was first diagnosed! Donations are needed to finish both.
Please visit

This site explores if a combination of existing medications and supplements, plus lifestyle, dietary and mental attitude changes may slow the progress of neurodegeneration in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis/Motor Neurone Disease (ALS/MND).
I do not claim to have a cure that will benefit everybody
and I am NOT selling anything!
I was diagnosed with ALS/MND in February 1995 but am now in full remission. I am still walking, talking and looking after myself. My symptoms decreased significantly and have not worsened since late 1997.
Why this is the case is explained on this website. It may be due to my experimentation with antioxidants, diet, lifestyle and attitude changes. Other factors are almost certainly involved and are also discussed here.
I am not unique. Others like me are alive many years after diagnosis and most feel that lifestyle changes and a positive mental attitude have significantly contributed to their survival.
Hard as I have tried, I have not discovered a universal cure for everybody with ALS/MND but I do believe that the regimen I developed for myself may help some people with neurodegenerative and other chronic, degenerative illnesses.
There are still no quick fixes or definitive answers for ALS/MND at this stage, which is why the website is larger than I would like. I have attempted to explore as many options as possible so that you can make your own decisions and become involved in the processes of your personal healing.
I sincerely hope you find the information on this website useful.

Virtually everything I have to say about ALS/MND, my ideas, research and the opinions I wish to share are all on this website!

I am not able to recommend specific products or a particular regimen
 to treat ALS/MND but hope the information provided on this website 
will help you decide on a course of action you feel may help 
in your circumstance.
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Motor Neurone Disease, Lou Gehrig's Disease
and Maladie de Charcote is generally referred to as ALS/MND throughout.
People (or a Person) with ALS are referred to as PALS.
Carers of PALS are CALS.
UK English spelling is used throughout except when quoting.

A great deal of thought and research have gone into this website since 1995. I have kept an open mind and followed some apparently promising claims to a disappointing end. Only information that has been researched and corroborated is presented here: I have a far greater body of research that does not appear on the site.
Where indicated, I have tried many of the products mentioned (or an equivalent). I am not paid or financially sponsored by any organisation or product manufacturer so there is no reason for me to be biased or make unsubstantiated claims.
The information on this website is provided in good faith so that YOU can decide if any of the supplements, treatments or approaches to managing ALS/MND may be of use in your case.
The really good doctors will admit that they still know very little about the neurodegenerative illness ALS/MND but the majority persist in telling us that nothing can be done and that we should abandon all hope.
They rarely tell us that there are cases of unexplained remission from ALS/MND or that a significant percentage of people survive the disease for more than a decade. It could be claimed that I would have got well if I had done nothing at all but my improvement coincided exactly with my efforts to get well. Was this mere coincidence?
It is true that some aggressive forms of ALS/MND progress far too rapidly to benefit from any treatment currently available. From the many thousands of emails, telephone calls and letters I have received, I can confidently assure you that there may be a combination of medications and/or supplements plus lifestyle, dietary  and attitude changes that will improve the quality of life of many People with ALS (PALS).
My personal clinical study has shown that combined antioxidant and liver function therapy have not only slowed but substantially decreased the symptoms of ALS/MND *in my case*.
I qualify this statement because studies using certain antioxidants to treat ALS mice did not show significant improvements (although other studies did). This is also the case with some PALS and is therefore discussed in detail on this website.
I have received feedback from around the world that confirms a growing trend for PALS to consult with their doctors and implement some of the sensible, logical and scientifically supportable treatments presented here.
A diagnosis of ALS/MND is not an immediate death sentence. It should be taken seriously and acted on as soon as possible; it would be foolish to do otherwise. But if the really good doctors admit to knowing very little about ALS/MND, why do so many medical professionals choose to write PALS off as untreatable, write off all non-mainstream treatments as quackery and assure us that all PALS will die within a year or two?
Where are they getting their "definitive" data from?
There is no international aetiological or statistical database from which these conclusions can be drawn. It is my firm belief that there are things that many PALS can do for themselves.
Do not "give in" just because somebody told you to!
Remain positive and take charge of the illness. Medical research is now progressing rapidly and it would be quite realistic to expect a cure for neurodegenerative disorders such as ALS/MND in the near future.
There are no guarantees in life but there should always be hope. Never let others take that hope away from you.
You are not a victim! 
You are a player in the game of life -
so play to win.

This entire website prints out to several hundred pages. For your convenience it is primarily "text only", using easy to read text. You can highlight, copy then paste information into any word processing application in your own computer then read the information off-line or select and print only the sections you require.
Highlight and "copy" text then go to Google Translation service and paste the text into the translator window. There are other free translation sites including Some of these computer based translations are only approximations but may assist in some way. 
See a German Translation of this website by Kurt Steiner 
 Eine Deutsche Uebersetzung dieser Webseite von Kurt Steiner

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